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  Rushville  &  Gorham    O:(585) 554-3119        Fx : (585) 554-332​3​​
  Canandaigua                     O: (585) 394-4920       Fx:  (585) 394-9089 

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Canandaigua Lake South end
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                                                                Night and Weekend Care 

A doctor will be available to see patients with acute medical problems in the office on Saturday mornings. Please call before 10am if you would like to be seen that morning. Patients will be seen on Saturdays in the office of the Doctor on call.

The only number you need to know for after hours questions is the office phone number of Rushville or Canandaigua.  Simply call that number and instructions will guide you to the physician on call. The physician on call is available for urgent medical problems that cannot wait until office hours. We ask that you hold scheduling and prescription requests as well as routine medical questions until the next business day.

Hospital Care

Dr. Robert Ostrander, Dr. Schue, and Dr. D' Amore and Dr. Geoffrey Ostrander, all take care of their patients while they are hospitalized at FF Thompson Hospital. Dr. Robert Ostrander, 

Dr. Schue, and Dr Geoffrey Ostrander alternate weeks in the hospital for their patients, while Dr. D' Amore sees his own patients while they are in FF Thompson Hospital.

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                      Canandaigua, NY 14424              Rushville, NY 14544                Gorham NY                    
                      585-394-4920                                  585-554-3119                            585-554-3119